Datesheet For Half Yearly Exam 2023-2024

Datesheet For Half Yearly Exam 2023-2024 Class III to V

Datesheet For Half Yearly Exam 2023-2024 Class VI to VIII


  1. School timings on examination days will be as usual.
  2. Holidays between the exam should be considered as a preparatory leave.
  3. School transport timing on examination days will remain same.
  4. Students absent on the day of exam shall be marked absent and second chance will not be given in any case.
  5. Regular classes will start from the next working day after the last exam.
  6. Grades will be awarded in ancillary subject according to 3 points grading scale.
  7. Parents must help the child to revise the syllabus properly. Make the time table for revision at home.
  8. Result will be declared on 14th October (Saturday) 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and progress report will be handed over to the parents on that day.


Clearance of Dues: In case you have not paid due fees of your ward till date, please deposit the same immediately in any case before commencement of half yearly examination & take clearance from the reception.




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