The first u0026amp; foremost important aspect of pre-primary level teaching learning process is to make the students feel safe at the school and particularly in the class room with the teacher. Because the students come out from the safe environment of their homes and they found the environment at school quite different from that at their respective homes. It is also very important to create a comfortable environment in the class rooms by doing the activities of the interest of young ones.

Learning by doing u0026amp; involvement is the key for getting expected results from the students of this age group. This is the foundation stage of every child and is beginning of their personalty development process.

At North-Ex, curriculum is designed by taking all these factors in mind. Our curriculum provides for a variety of experiences through recitation of rhymes, story telling, music etc., we also arrange regular field excursions for these students to inculcate general awareness in them and to give them first hand knowledge about our environment u0026amp; surroundings. The students are encouraged to use English language in their day to day life and basic knowledge of computers u0026amp; multi media devices is also given to the students of this age group.

This is the time of transition from informal to formal learning. Development of communication skills is also an important part for this age group.

At North-Ex transition from informal to formal learning is made student friendly by using student centered Learning teaching process. The students of this age group can adopt any language easily as their tongue, ear and mind connection is free at this stage. Communication skills particularly English language are developed by encouraging students to read, write u0026amp; speak in English u0026amp; spell correctly. The students are also involved in co-curricular activities such as Music, Dance, Excursions, project work etc. for their overall development.

This is the stage where adolescence starts, where the biological changes begin to emerge in the children. Mind of the children expands and want to explore extensively about their ownself and things around them.

At North-Ex, we take care of the special needs of the students at this very crucial age in their lives. Help is provided to the students in dealing with adolescence issues and in improving their communication skills in formal u0026amp; informal situations. Curriculum for this age is designed in such a manner that the students induldge in active thinking u0026amp; learning. The students are made to face formal u0026amp; informal situations and their response is noted and analysed and necessary guidance is provided to them. Besides due importance is given to moral education, co-curricular activities u0026amp; sports.

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This is the time when students have to choose their ultimate career path. Accordingly they have to prepare for their Board Exams as well as they have to prepare themselves for competitive exams. We help the students to strike a balance between both by inculcating time management skills in them. The habit of thinking critically u0026amp; solving problems themselves is inculcated in the students at this stage so that they can become effective decision makers in life. Besides the students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities and sports which helps them in releasing their stress.

We have Senior Secondary facility at Guru Yogiraj Jain Public School situated at School Block, Jain Nagar, Delhi-110081. The school campus is spread over 2 acres of land with ultra modern facilities for academics, co-curricular activities u0026amp; sports. Well equipped science labs, computer lab, Maths Lab, big play ground, well experienced, qualified and dedicated team of educators are some of the features of this school.

To top it all, our chairman CA. S.K. Gupta is the manager of that school whereas our Headmistress Mrs. Vinita Gupta is the Chairperson.