Primary & Senior wing Holi Celebration 2022

North Ex Public School celebrated Holi with flowers in Mathura Vrindavan style.

Primary wing Holi Celebration 2022:
Students enjoyed thoroughly playing Holi with flowers today at school.

Students understood importance of Holi and agreed that they will use flowers only while celebrating Holi with their family and friends.

“A day full of colours! A day full of excitement! A day full of wishes!

Yes,it’s Holi! A day to rejoice love! Happy Holi”

Jai Shree Krishna 🙏


The last day of the session was full of excitement for the students.

The Senior Wing also celebrated Holi the festival of colours Not with artificial colours but with different colors of flowers.

The great initiative was taken by Director Mr Govind Gupta to teach tradition and culture of India and to play Holi like it is played at Mathura and Vrindavan the birth place of Lord Shree Krishna.

A very Happy Holi 💐 to everyone 🌻

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